Restoran Taman Pringsewu @ Yogyakarta, Indonesia

By : Chha

Restoran Taman Pringsewu, Yogyakarta in Indonesia is a restaurant operating on the concept of restaurant in a garden. This restaurant is a big restaurant which allow you to dine in a garden type environment.

Its open space dining experience allow its customer to dine closer to nature, haha !

But if you prefer to dine in a more enclose place, there is still hut-like seating place which is also comfortable.

This place is huge, with a lot of seating place, so we feel there is no worry on not being able to find a table.

While for the food, some are tasty, some are not, especially their drinks, it is too sweet ...

Sayur Lodeh Pinggir Sawah IDR 20 K
(Mixed Vegetables With Coconut Milk)

This vegetable with coconut is tasty, well at least we like it, haha ! The coconut milk is very mild, it does not make us feel like we are actually eating drinking coconut milk and the vegetable mix well together.

Sayur Asem IDR 10 K

Sayur Asem has a little bit of sour taste, it tasted ok but we don't really like it.

Ayam Bakar Penyet IDR 23 K
(Grilled Spicy Chicken)

The grilled chicken is tasty especially the outer layer of the chicken, it taste good.

Ayam Goreng Penyet IDR 23 K
(Fried Spicy Chicken)

This is just ok, the chicken is a bit hard, it makes us tired chewing the chicken, hahaha !

Nasi Putih

Overall, the food here is just ok but we really like the nice environment here and there is WiFi available.

* All pricing stated are in Indonesian rupiah (IDR).
* K indicate Thousand.

Piglets Rating :
Food : 5/10
Environment : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 7/10

Address :
Jl. Raya Magelang Km. 9 Mulungan Sleman
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Phone :

Visited : December 2014

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Posted Date : 29 June 2015
Posted Time : 04.30 pm