Penang International Horse Show @ Turf Club, Penang

By : Chha

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Yupe ! you read it correctly, it was the Penang Turf Club International Horse Show from 26th until 29th November 2015 and i was there, hahaha !

Probably not many people know that you can actually visit the Penang Equestrian on race day with a certain entrance fee and during the International Festival With Horses Day, anyone can enter the Equestrian for free to mingle with the horses at the petting zoo and breed display area.

Visiting the Penang Equestrian is fun especially during the International Festival With Horses Day, there are activities being held which is suitable for both adults and kids. A nice family outing would be great here.

You can also enjoy taking the carriage if you have never been on one, then this is a good chance to try it, haha .. (^.^)v

There is also food and drinks available.

At the petting zoo you can also take photo up close with some of the tame horses there. There are also horses that will bite, but don't worry, they will put up signage indicating which horse is not as tame as the others, so just follow the instruction and read the signage before petting any horse there.

Some place is not accessible to public, like the race track, but it is good enough just by looking from the outside. furthermore there is nothing to do on the track, haha ..!

It was really happening at the turf club with a lot of people, interesting games and activity.

Posted Date : 11 January 2016
Posted Time : 11.39 pm