Snorkeling And Island Hopping @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

By : Chha

People told me that if i visit Sabah, i should go visit their beautiful island and so i make it a point that i have to visit either one of the island there in Sabah. We take up package from Rustic Borneo which cost us RM200 per person, well we did get some discount here and there but that depends on what type of package you are taking from them. We had our package fully customized for us which include Zipline from Gaya island to Sapi island and Snorkelling day Tour at Manukan Island. Thanks to their very friendly and helpful staff, especially to Solène who help us with the day trip itinerary and also to those who attend to us during our visit on 10 March 2016 to their office to discuss on the package. So if you are also interested to book a package from Rustic Borneo then here is how you can find them at their Sabah Office.

Address :
Traveller Service Centre,
Jalan Jati, off Gaya Street,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,

GPS Coordinate :
5.983037, 116.076453

Map :

Our day start really early on that day. We reach Jesselton Point Waterfront at 9.00 am to meet with the person in charge for our day trip.

After meet with the person in charge and having all our snorkeling gears ready, we were off to our boat.

It was a hot sunny day, which i think its a perfect weather for outdoor activities like this. Once we get on the boat, we head straight to make payment for our entrance to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. The payment is included into our tour package for the day, so we don't have to pay anything extra on that day. After payment, we went for our first snorkeling of the day which is off Manukan Island.

Snorkeling here is fun, we get the chance to actually jump off the boat and into the sea. The corals here are not as beautiful as i expect it to be, they are dead with not many attractive colours to it. I did see some fish swimming around but not as much as i imagine it to be. Before i put on my snorkeling gear and jump down into the sea, i was told that there will be a lot of small, i mean, really small jelly fish but a little sting from it wont harm us. I thought to myself, well a little sting is not that bad right ? When i was in the sea .. there is constant sting all over my body .. during March is the season where Sabah sea has a lot of these tiny jelly fish but it is still ok for me, after awhile, i kinda get used to the sting.

We were given ample time to do our snorkeling there with goggle, fin and life jacket provided. The guide is there to monitor us as well with a float just in case we might need to use it. The boat basically left us there alone, giving us time to swim and snorkel. After our first snorkeling we take the same boat back to shore but this time, we land at Sapi Island, there is where we do our second snorkeling but only at the shore.

Sapi Island is full with people and there is also place to eat too. I don't know what these eating place is call, is it a restaurant or a cafe ? haha .. but basically you can have your food under those shady trees by the beach, siting on wooden chairs and eating on wooden table, haha ! It is fun but we did not have our lunch there because we are going over to Gaya Island, so we took a quick bath to clean up ourselves and then travel over to Gaya Island by boat to have our lunch.

If you can see, the island on the right is actually Gaya Island and the one on the left is Sapi Island. These two island is close to one another. It is also why the Zipline activity is done here.

The reason why we transfer over to Gaya Island for our lunch is because we will be having out Zipline activity there. Zipline is more commonly known as Flying Fox.

Our lunch is also included inside the package. There are few dish for us to choose from which is included in our package, therefore we don't have to pay anything unless we would like to add on additional food, then we have to pay. The food here taste normal, it is just enough to fill up our stomach for us to take on the day.

After lunch and a few minutes of good rest while taking photos with jokes and plenty of laugh. We are ready for our next activity. The Zipline !!!!

In order to reach the Zipline station, we need to do some hiking, haha, just a few meters hiking, not hard, no worry .. haha !

Zipline View From Gaya Island

Zipline View From Sapi Island

The Zipline is interesting, i love it ! if only we can do this longer and repeat it again for second time .. haha ! The view from the Zipline is really nice as i Zipline over from Gaya Island to Sapi Island across the sea. Duration for the Zipline is short, probably around 60 second of hang time, hahaha .. but the view is worth the whole 60 seconds spend flying over from Gaya Island to Sapi Island.

After the Zipline, we went for our third snorkeling for the day. At that time we were all exhausted already .. but we all still jump into the sea anyway ! haha .. ! The third snorkel marks the end of our trip, we take the boat back to Jesselton Point Waterfront and reach there at around 4pm.

Visited : March 2016

Posted Date : 15 April 2016
Posted Time : 7.00 pm


  1. hi there.....may i know the tour guide is chinese or other races? Tq

    1. Hi Bernice, the tour guide is local Sabah people ...

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Razali, saya tak pasti sebab saya tak sewa satu boat ..mungkin Kamu boleh cuba tanya rustic Borneo tengok ..

  3. Kami menyediakan tour package di Kota Kinabalu. Untuk pertanyaan sila hubungi 0129359772 (call/whatsapp)


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