Comedy : Laugh Die You | The Mob | @ Genting International Showroom, Genting

By : Chha

After approximately a month of waiting it is finally over .. T.T feel kinda sad that this funny event is only for one day. If the organizer is organizing this again next year, i am definitely going again. A big THANK YOU to POPCORN STUDIO for bringing such an awesome and funny show to us at Genting Highland. POPCORN STUDIO promises a non-stop laughter at Laugh Die You - The Mob and they did deliver their promises.

This year with the Theme for Laugh Die You being The Mob, POPCORN STUDIO brings you three awesome comedian Kuah JenHan, Mark Lee and Jonathan Atherton.

All their jokes are really crazy and their performance are really awesome, it makes me laugh so hard that the sentence 'Laugh Die You' almost become real .. haha !

It is also such a rare case to see Mark Lee singing Live and it is really great to be able to see it at Laugh Die You - The Mob Genting Highland.

Mark Lee also gets the audience involve in some of his games and prizes were given away to all participants, this makes the show even more interesting.

All the comedian here are delivering what i would call an A Class Jokes to makes us laugh out so loudly that i almost fall on the floor rolling, haha !

Other than the comedian themselves, POPCORN STUDIO also brings in wonderful bands and singers like Natalia and Michael Leaner to perform.

Environment inside Genting International Showroom was nice and comfortable as well, though the Genting International Showroom is not really a very big place but it is just perfect for an event like Laugh Die You - The Mob where the audience seating place were properly organized and the sound system is so clear that i can hear the jokes clearly.

POPCORN STUDIO did an amazing job in bringing Laugh Die You all the way up to Genting International Showroom. Each tickets to the show can redeem a cup of popcorn to be enjoyed during the show.

I was attended the moment i enter the Genting International Showroom and was ushered to my seating place. i would like to THANK POPCORN STUDIO once again for bringing this awesome comedy show to Genting Highlands. So remember to grab your tickets next time when POPCORN STUDIO organize another event like this again .. !

Posted Date : 24 February 2017

Posted Time : 4.03 am