Thailand Songkran Festival @ Hatyai, Thailand

By : Chha

Heard of Songkran Festival ? Ever experience celebrating Songkran Festival ? Songkran is the Thai New Year's festival. The Thai New Year's Day is 13 April every year but the holiday period includes 14 April and 15 April as well. (Source).

So where is the best place to celebrate Songkran ? Thailand of course ! During Songkran Festival, every where you go in Thailand, you will definitely be wet, if you are a youngsters. Even in celebrating Songkran, they have their own sets of rules. They don't splash water on Monk, Old Folks and when inside shops or temples. Other than that, you go crazy !!

There are people every where, splashing water onto each other and some of them might even smear powder on your face .. haha !

I take this opportunity to take a trip up to Hatyai, Thailand. Among Malaysian, Hatyai is the most famous place to go if you want to experience a day or two of Songkran Festival. Getting there is easy, many people knows how to go there from Malaysia. It is either you take a bus from tour or you hire a van. If you are experience enough, you can drive your own car or ride a bike there. Easy right ?

The moment it is Songkran Festival, the splashing of water starts early in the morning. By the time i wake up in my hotel room, i already hear people shouting and running around on the street pouring water on each other and shooting each other with water guns.

And the madness does not stop even after i goes to bed. It looks like a war zone to me .. A place where many of the peoples here are holding water guns and throwing water at anyone who walks by.

If you are at Thailand in this period of time, get ready to be wet whole day !

It does not matter if you are on a car !

You are going to get mobbed and attack with a lot a lot of waters !

Or on a moving motorbike .. !

You will still be stopped and people will start pouring water on you, hahaha !

So make sure that your car windows at always close, if you are driving and do not speed if you are riding a motorbike then enjoy the water ! hahaha .. !

The one crazy thing is, the moment i open my hotel lobby door, there is already so many people standing outside of the hotel with water guns waiting for anyone to walk by. The moment i step out from the hotel, these people basically run towards me like zombie looking for fresh meat and start attacking me with water gun. I am wet from that moment on until night time when i come back to hotel again.

To make things worst, the water is icy cold !! With a lot of ice inside it and the powder that they smear on my face is not just any powder, it is cooling body powder that will make you feel cold. It is like double combo , K.O if you are hit .. hahaha !

Since this is a New Year Celebration for Thailand, Hatyai actually organize a lot of activities there to celebrate this Songkran Festival. There are Beauty Competition, Concert, Parade and Food Stalls every where selling food, cloths, powder and water guns.

Stage For Count Down Concert At Night

Parade In Hatyai Town

Food Stalls Which Are Full With People

Colourful Cloths For The Festival

Water Guns Everywhere

Water Filling Station For Everyone So That You Can Keep Shooting Without Running Out Of Water

Songkran Festival, i only have one word, AWESOME ! Though it is MADNESS but it is SUPER FUN and AWESOME, hahaha ! Would i come back again for Songkran Festival ? Absolutely YES, i will be back for more, every year if possible ! haha ! Thailand is definitely the place you want to be for celebrating Songkran Festival.

Note :
Songkran 2017 in Thailand began on Thursday, 13 April 2017 and ended on Saturday, 15 April 2017

Visited : April 2017

Posted Date : 20 April 2017
Posted Time : 6.40 pm