11th Hatyai International Marathon 2017 @ Hatyai, Thailand

By : Chha

It is being said as the Happiness Run of Hatyai, the 11th Hatyai International Marathon is really an interesting and happy marathon i would say !

I went to Hatyai, Thailand one day before the run to pick up my race kit as they does not have post option for the race kit. I was surprise to see such an happening event even one day before the race.

Firstly there are a lot of people at the race kit collection day, so you can tell, how many people will turn up in the actual race day itself .. a lot !

Secondly, the race t-shirt, medals and trophy are placed out on display so that runners can look, touch and feel the quality of the items. I personally feel that the medal's quality is really good. It is so solid and well design.

There is also booth selling race kit, cloths and everything marathon related. It is like a mini carnival or something, haha ! Like it here .. !

On race day itself, the front stage is filled up with a lot of trophy. I have never seen so much trophy before in a race, my first, really !

Hatyai International Marathon 2017 starting point for all category is in front of Jiranakorn Stadium.

The road along the route of the race are not close for runners, there are part of the route where we have to run in the middle of the road with cars driving pass us from both right and left side, which i feel is kinda dangerous and also there are not many police controlling the traffic.

The race starts at the main street in front of Jiranakorn Stadium and all finish line is inside the Jiranakorn Stadium. The route for the 11th Hatyai International Marathon 2017 is not bad. the route covers some part of the Hatyai town before running into the highway where the road is just straight all the way. The route does not involve running up or down hill.

Distance Covered

Route Covered

Talking about free food after running a marathon, i have seen some marathon that provide simple and light food, like breakfast cereals or drinks but this is the very first time i actually see so much food here at Hatyai International Marathon, the environment is like instantly turns into a food fair, haha ! You can just eat, until you are full !

There are food like Porridge, Pad Thai, Khao Yam, Fried Noodles, Omelette Rice and it is all free, provided you register for the run .. haha !

I was so full after eating so much food that my tummy bloated, haha !!

Hatyai International Marathon is really fun, plus Hatyai is the nearest International Marathon to Malaysia, haha ! I will definitely go back for this Marathon again.

Posted Date : 19 July 2017
Posted Time : 11.41 am


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