Big Tree Foot | Yong Tau Foo @ Pasir Pinji, Ipoh

By : Chha (A-1314)

Its famous ! Yes, you heard it right, its famous ! Sometimes i don't really understand how can something average can be so famous ? Hmm .. ! It is because of what i heard from people saying that this little stall here at Pasir Pinji Big Tree Foot selling Yong Tau Foo is famous so i went and tried.

Located directly under a tree this is how the hawker stall get its name the Big Tree Foot, haha ! In Chinese it actually means 'Under A Big Tree',

Personally, i think that the Yong Tau Foo here is just average and the Laksa is not really what i like but i like the Bihun Soup though .. that is tasty, the Laksa and Bihun soup is suppose to be eaten together with the Yong Tau Foo.

Red Bean Ice

Food here is just average and the one thing i love is their Bihun Soup, the Red Bean Ice is too concentrated with Red Bean and i does not help in quenching thirst.

Rating :
Food : 5/10
Environment : 6/10 (Hawker Stall)
Service : 6/10
Hygiene : 6/10
Price : 8/10

Operating Hour :
8.30 am - 5.30 pm

Address :
652, Jalan King,
Pasir Pinji,
31650 Ipoh,

Telephone :
012 - 5245408 (Rico)

GPS Coordinate :
4.582340, 101.085891

Map :

Posted Date : 14 February 2018
Posted Time : 9.00 pm