Premium Outlets @ Genting Highlands, Pahang

By : Chha

Ever since Genting Higlands has its own Premium Outlets, people are flogging their way up to Genting Highland to shop at the Premium Outlets. Well, i make the effort to go there as well but end up did not buy anything but with tummy full of food, haha !

When i was up in Genting Highlands, the weather was really nice, it was cold with less sunlight, really awesome.

Getting to the Premium Outlets at Genting Highland, of course, you will need to reach Genting Highland first. If you are from Penang, you can read how to get to Genting Highland by bus HERE. Once you are up there, you will need to take the cable car from Sky Avenue all the way down to the Premium Outlets which cost RM 8.00 for a return tickets per person.

What you can do at Genting Highland Premium Outlets is basically shopping, shopping and more shopping .. but if you were ever to get tired of shopping, there is a food court where you can sit down, rest and dine, which i did ... haha !

Food here is just ordinary but at cold weather like this, to me, anything hot taste good, haha ! In order to start purchase for food, you will need to get your cash card from the payment counter first. The cash card is refundable if you can't finish the amount that you put into the card and you can top up the card at the payment counter if you need more money to buy food.

Other than the food court, i did spend some time sipping on coffee at Starbucks Coffee too, which is also in Genting Highland Premium Outlets.

Posted Date : 19 April 2018
Posted Time : 2.17 pm