Wei Xin Shi Kopitiam @ Nibong Tebal, Penang

By : Chha

I would call this the eating street of Nibong Tebal, haha ! Well, this street at Nibong Tebal is actually a street where there are few restaurant located next to each other and because of that they actually extend their restaurant out too the street by putting tables and chairs for their customer to dine in. This actually makes the entire street looks like a Eating Street. You can order food from any of the restaurant available there may it be from Wei Xin Shi Kopitiam or Kin Inn Restaurant. There is a few food that i would like to recommend there which i think is tasty, there are many food that you can try here but there are a few that really interest me.

The Wonton Noodles here is my favorite, i eat this every time i am here .. the noodles is springy and well cooked, really love it !

Here they also have the Thai Grilled Pork Skewers or famously known as Moo Ping in Thailand. I actually don't know where else to find Moo Ping here in Malaysia, this is the only place i know, if you guys know any other place having this, do let me know, haha ! The Moo Ping here is nice, though it is not as good as those you find in Thailand but this is good enough for me. I like it .. !

Food here is good and the price is cheap as well. This place is only open at night and it is definitely a great addition to eating list here in Nibong Tebal.

GPS Coordinate :
5.176020, 100.476385

Map :

Posted Date : 8 June 2018
Posted Time : 6.12 pm