Restoran Ya Kareem @ Gelugor, Penang

By : Chha

Many years ago, this shop which is now Restoran Ya Kareem use to be a Convenient Store but now is taken over by Restoran Ya Kareem and turn it into a Nasi Kandar Restaurant.

Restoran Ya Kareem is a small place. The food here is just average and there are not much choice here. I feel that this place is a good place if you are hungry at night and happen to be around Gelugor area. The food price here is almost the same as those chain Nasi Kandar store where a plate of rice like the one i order may reach up to RM 8.00 or more.

GPS Coordinate :
5.367439, 100.310160

Map :

Posted Date : 07 July 2018
Posted Time : 7.07 pm