Societea Kuchai Lama

By : Chha
Writing Idea By : Kaey

Oik, is always the first word that you will hear from a piglet waking up from sleep. Now that these piglets are awake from a long hibernation (err .. does piglet even hibernate ? hehe .. well we do :D ), it’s time to post blog again after long disappearance. This time, during the piglets sleep, piglet actually dream about getting slim and sexy hot ! Thou readers prefer piglet being cute and cubby but being slim and hot is possible for piglets in piglet land. That is why this time we bring you to Societea Kuchai Lama where you can find tea for just about anything including tea for slimming, shaping or even tea to turn into a piglet like us :D. As usual, piglet are not into words, we are more into pictures, so now lets let the picture flow .. !

Happy Tea-ing :D

Posted Date : 14 April 2011
Posted Time : 10.52 pm