Lawas 613 Cafe @ Yogyakarta, Indonesia

By : Chha

For this post, piglet actually stumble upon this cafe, haha ! 'stumble upon' as if like we really stumble on it .. haha ! oh well at least, literally ! haha .. Piglets were walking along Jalan Gerilya in a town call Prawirotaman II when we saw this double story cafe there. We don't really know what this cafe serve neither did we heard anything about this cafe's existence but being so 'Piglet', we went in to find out. Prawirotaman is like an international village in Yogyakarta with a lot of cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants there especially along Jalan Gerilya and Jalan Prawirotaman.

Lawas 613 Cafe is new, well that is what we find out during the writing of this post. We were checking out information regarding this cafe and we once again 'stumble upon' post stating that this cafe is new, probably operating since the end of year 2014.

As mention before in the Kedai Kopi Mataram post, most of the cafe that we have been to in Yogyakarta does not have air conditioning, they only use fan. The same goes for Lawas 613 Cafe. At the time during out hunt there, it was around 12pm in the afternoon and the weather were drop-dead-hot ! We we sweating while eating but being the damn hardcore piglets, the heat does not stop us from slowly taking photo and evaluating the food for our readers here in Piglet Land.

Lawas 613 Cafe serve mostly on western food and with some local Indonesian food.

Fruit Salad                IDR 25 K
Summer Salad                IDR 32 K
Caesar Salad                IDR 35 K
Cobb Salad                IDR 35 K
Gado-Gado Lawas        IDR 25 K
Selat Solo                IDR 35 K
Potatoes And Corn Soup        IDR 25 K
Classic Onion Soup                IDR 25 K

Pasta (Spaghetti, Penne or Fettuccine)
Bolognese                IDR 38 K
Beef Aglio E Olio                IDR 38 K
Chili Chicken Pomodoro                IDR 38 K
Rica-Rica Chicken                IDR 38 K
Carbonara                IDR 42 K

Tenderloin Steak                         IDR 75 K
Checken Schnitzel With Blackpepper Sauce         IDR 48 K
Grilled Chicken With Ginger & Honey Sauce         IDR 48 K
Grilled Chicken With Mushroom Sauce         IDR 48 K
Chicken Gordon Bleu With Garden Salad IDR 55 K
Pan-Seared Dory With Mango Salsa Sauce IDR 48 K
Chopped Chicken Sandwich                 IDR 45 K
Cheese Steak Sandwich                 IDR 48 K

Finger Foods
Tempe Mendoan IDR 18 K
French Fries         IDR 18 K
Shrimp Spring Roll         IDR 18 K
Fried Cassava With Cheese IDR 18 K
Vegetable Spring Rolls IDR 18 K


Lamongrass Fried Rice With Pan-Seared Dory IDR 32 K

Nasi Goreng Jawa IDR 28 K
(Javanese Fried Rice With Chicken, Egg & Crackers)

Mie Goreng Jawa IDR 28 K
(Javanese Fried Noodle With Chicken And Vegetables)

This fried noodles is really tasty. Piglet recommend this for all, haha ! The chicken is very soft and the noodles is yummy. It might look small from this photo, it is actually big in size.

Oxtail Soup                       IDR 50 K
Grilled Oxtail Soup            IDR 55 K
Chicken Satay                   IDR 35 K
Beef Satay                        IDR 45 K


Kopi Lawas by illy

This coffee might look nice for the camera but it is too sweet. There is a thick layer of sugar below the coffee.

Other Menu

Some of the food here are also available for vegetarians, there is marking on their menu to indicate that. Piglets are not sure how 'vegetarian' the food there is because the terms vegetarian varies for different individual, so we would like to advice readers who are true-clean vegetarian to double confirm with the waitress or waiter there on what type of ingredient are used for cooking to check if its really a clean vegetarian food.

* All menu are included tax and service.
* All pricing stated are in Indonesian rupiah (IDR).

Address :
Lawas 613 Cafe
Prawirotaman 2 street,
Number 613,
Yogyakarta 55153

Phone :
+62 274 413888

Posted Date : 16 January 2015
Posted Time : 05.24 pm