Wat Khuad (Glass Temple) @ Songkhla, Thailand

By : Chha

Travelling alone in Thailand or any foreign country is really hard, especially the language barrier. Wat Khuad is located in the province of Songkhla and finding this little hidden temple is hard. So i end up taking tour guide instead. Plus the area surrounding Wat Khuad does not have any public transport that you can just flag down anytime. Getting the actual name correctly is a struggle as well. So i would suggest you to get a tour guide as well, it really make things much easier and life happier, hahaha !

Wat Khuad, the name says it all, which means Glass Temple ! This place is not abandon but kinda like hidden from public. Not really a big place but it is unique.

The entire Wat Khuad is being build by using glass bottle, that makes Wat Khuad looks colourful.

This temple is still fully functional, you can still come here and pray if you want to.

Wat Khuad is worth a visit for its uniqueness and nice bulding build by using glass. It is nice for photography as well. Pay a visit, if you have time when visiting Thailand on your next trip.

Map :

Visited : January 2016

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Posted Date : 23 January 2016
Posted Time : 7.03 am