Eld's 22 Pasta And Grill @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

By : Chha

My first look at Eld's 22 Pasta and Grill is that this is a high class restaurant. Well, it does looks like one, doesn't it ? haha ! Or its just me ? haha .. !

Eld's 22 Pasta And Grill is located inside of Gurney Paragon on Level 5.

The environment there is simple and comfortable too.

I was so lazy that day during my visit to Eld's 22 Pasta And Grill so i didn't really look through the whole menu and since my tummy is already rocking out to Metallica songs, i went straight for the Set Dinner, hahaha ! To me, i personally think that ordering the Set Dinner is actually more worth than to order it separately. So what i get from the set menu are, a main dish, a soup, a drink and a dessert.

Panfried Chicken Cordon Blue With Green Gravy Sauce RM 28.00

Pumpkin Soup

Citrus Grapefruit Punch
*Can upgrade to Fresh Juice for only RM 4.00

Pineapple Volcano

With this much of food, i was so so so full .. i cant even finish the drink, haha ! I feel, the food here is only average, not really very tasty type.

Fish Parmigiana Spaghetti Pesto RM 18.80

For the Parmigiana Spaghetti Pesto, you can choose to either have Fish or Chicken, if you order Chicken, it will be slightly cheaper RM16.80. It tasted average as well.

Dining here is still ok for me, i feel the environment is good, the price is worth the quantity ... but the taste is a bit average. If you happen to be in Guenry Paragan, you can come here to have a try yourself after shopping .. haha !

Rating :
Food : 5/10
Environment : 7/10
Service : 6/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 7/10

Operating Hour :
Open Daily
12:00pm – 9:15pm weekday
12:00pm – 9:30pm weekend

Address :
163D- Level 5-16, 18 & 19,
Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang

Phone Number :

Posted Date : 02 March 2016
Posted Time : 10.23 am