Hiking Telok Kampi @ Penang National Park, Penang

By : Chha

I know its a bit late for me to blog about this right now but if you are preparing to Climb Mount Kinabalu then i feel, every bit of information and training is crucial and important. With this, i am adding another hiking route in Penang to my blog. This time, we will hike all the way up to Telok Kampi Beach via Pantai Keracut. Hiking from the entrance of Penang National Park to Pantai Keracut is not hard.

The moment you see this bridge, you will know that you are entering Pantai Keracut, haha ! Pantai Keracut is a nice place .. the beach is nice and i love the sea too, we didn't stay here for long as we need to continue hike up to Telok Kampi Beach.

Hiking up to Telok Kampi is slightly harder than the route to Pantai Keracut, there are more up hill climb and steps.

The view at Telok Kampi Beach is really nice, the sand is different .. maybe more fine .. and less people hike up here too, so you can have a quiet moment resting and enjoy the view of nice sandy beach there.

It takes me around 3 hours 57 minutes to slowly walk all the way up to Telok Kampi via Pantai Keracut trail and down again to the Penang National Park with distance of 10.95 km

Hiking Route

Total Distance Covered

Map :

Posted Date : 31 March 2016
Posted Time : 6.30 pm


  1. Hye Jay Chha,

    Have you went to Mount Kinabalu? Can I have the itenary of your current trip to Mount Kinabalu as I'm planning for my trip there. Thanks

    1. hi aina rashid,

      you can view my blog post :


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