Metal Q Caffe @ Inderawasih, Penang

By : Chha

I would say this is somewhat like a hidden gem here in Inderawasih area. Hidden away from main traffic and away from those mainstream cafe area. Metal Q Caffe is the only cafe i know in this area. At first i thought, Metal Q ? A shop selling metal ? haha ! Ok, well, it is not obviously ..

Metal Q Caffe is a small place, with only a few seating place. Their service is good but only have limited choice of food. I was told by the owner that we can actually call up in advance to order for the type of food we want, probably like a day or two earlier, so that they can buy the ingredient and prepare it for us if they can. I mean the order have to be reasonable as well, not to order something which is out of their capability to prepare. I feel this is not a bad idea .. we can order in advance, nice !

Trio Eggs Carbonara Pasta RM18.90

Creamy Curry Pasta With Chicken Chop RM23.90

MQC Signature Vanilla Creme Brulee RM 8.90

Lemongrass & Ginger RM5.90

The food here is actually average. The Creme Brulee is not as good as i expect it to be and the biscuit place on top of it is soft, not crunchy anymore .. but i like their Trio Eggs Carbonara Pasta where 3 types of eggs are used in making this plate of pasta, that is why it is call as the Trio Eggs, haha .. Over all, i would say, the food is average but the environment and service is good.

Rating :
Food : 5/10
Environment : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 6/10

Operationg Hour :
11am - 10pm

Address :
No 8, Jalan Kikik,
Taman Inderawasih
13600 Perai Penang

Phone Number :

Facebook :

GPS Coordinate :
5.393025, 100.387002

Map :

Posted Date : 6 June 2016
Posted Time : 6.00 pm