10 Tips : Pokemon GO | Android & Apple App Store | @ Malaysia

By : Chha

After months of waiting, the Pokemon GO is finally here in Malaysia smartphone store ! For both Android and Apple Store users, you can now start downloading Pokemon GO and be a trainer now ! Since the release of Pokemon GO for Malaysia yesterday, i've seen quiet a number of people out from their house, walking around, searching for Pokemon. It is really fun to see people actually moving around, walking to search for Pokemon, well at least it is a healthy way by walking, haha ! Ok, Many of you might we struggling on how to play this game ? Here is some tips on what you should look out for when playing Pokemon GO.

Download your App from either iOS or Android but make sure that it is from Niantic as i notice there are few times of Pokemon Apps out in the market.

Once you finish download the App, you can start by registering an account. After registration you will be given a choice of few Pokemon to start catching. My first catch is Squirtle the Water Pokemon.

Tips 1 : Use the Pokestops

The Pokestops are like tower inside the Pokemon GO Map which is scattered around places. To find a Pokestops you might need to walk around places to look for it. Get close to one Pokestops and click on it. If you are in range you can slide the Pokestops once you click on it to get Poke-Ball and some others random items which you can use for your Pokemon.

Tips 2 : Different time, different place, different Pokemon

Try catching your Pokemon at a different place and time. Each place and time have different Pokemon.

Tips 3 : Use Razz Berries and better Poké Balls to capture Pokémon

If you've found a rare Pokemon your standard-issue Poke-Balls may not work to contain them or worse, send them running away. Instead, once you hit level 6, you can use Razz Berries and later on, Great and Ultra Balls to improve your chances of containing wild creatures. Razz Berries, after being administered, lull the Pokemon somewhat even if you miss a throw, you'll have an increased chance of catching the Pokemon until you hit them. If you do catch them with an off-throw and they escape, however, you'll need to feed them another Razz Berry.

Tips 4 : Using of Egg

Eggs when incubated will turn into Pokemon but this can only happen if you reach the kilometers that is required for the egg to hatch. In order to reach the kilometers you will need to get out and start walking, haha !

Tips 5 :Join A Team And Fight At A Gym

Pokemon Gym are like Pokestops, they are scattered around places. You will need to get to that place in order for you to access the Pokemon Gym. At the Pokemon Gym you can train your Pokemon into a fight. You can swipe right or left to dodge or press on your Pokemon to attack.

Tips 6 : Look At Nearby For Pokemon

You can always search for Pokemon which is near to your currently location by looking at the Nearby function in the Pokemon GO Apps. That way, you can focus or search for which Pokemon that you might need or to see which you already have that are near to you.

Tips 7 : Be picky with your Stardust and Candy

When you first start Pokemon Go, it's tempting to want to boost and evolve your first Pokemon, but I'd encourage waiting: As you level up, you'll find lots of higher-level Pokemon which will often become much more powerful when evolved.

Tips 8 : Use Lures To Get Pokemon

There are lures that you can use to lures Pokemon to come near you if you are too lazy to go hunt them down. You'll usually get a new Pokemon spawning inside the Lure every 3 to 5 minutes, You can stack this with Incense as well but Incense will spawn many more Pokemon if you're actually walking through the world rather than staying stationary.

Tips 9 : Use Radar To Discover Pokemon

If you notice there is actually a round circle around your Avatar in the Pokemon GO game. The circle is the Radar for your Avatar it's what determines whether you're close enough to a PokeStop or Gym to use it and it's also what pulls nearby Pokemon out of hiding.

Tips 10 : Don't waste your consumable items

The first lesson I learned when playing Pokemon GO is that timed consumable items run on real time and not in-game time. If you use one of these items and the game crashes for an hour, you'll log back in to find your buff already expired. Don't use an Incense, Lure Module, or Lucky Egg unless you have thirty minutes available to make the most of it.

Go out and play your Pokemon. Catch as many as you can but already remember to be careful.

Enjoy you Pokemon GO and Have Fun Malaysia !!!!

Posted Date : 7 August 2016
Posted Time : 6.52 pm