Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015 @ Penang, Malaysia

By : Chha

It is now month of September and soon it will be November where the International Penang Bridge Run year 2016 will be on 27 November 2016. The route map for this year run is already out and to me, it is rather disappointing why ? Well, let us look back on year 2015.

Run Route Covered

From the Run Route Covered by me for year 2015, we can see that in year 2015 we only run part of the bridge and around 80% of the run is on Penang Island itself. It was disappointing because to me Penang Bridge Run should cover at least 50% of the bridge. I thought that maybe changes will be made this year to the route but no .. we will be using the same route this year. Anyway, for those of you who did not register for this year Penang Bridge International Marathon, then you should do it fast before the closing date, haha !

Run Distance Covered

Other than the route, basically there are nothing much to complain about the Penang Bridge International Marathon for year 2015, it was held at the first bridge and start at Queensbay Mall. Hopefully this year it will be more interesting ? More fun to run ? haha ! It also got me thinking, what happen to the Penang Bridge Half Marathon ? It would be nice, if we can run at the new bridge as well.

Posted Date : 14 September 2016

Posted Time : 11.36 am