Thailand Travelogue

By : Chha

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Those places of interest listed are places that you can visit in one day, we will divide it out as a one day trip basis so that you readers can customize your own trip on a one day trip basis.

[9D8N] : Bangkok - Khao Yai - Hua Hin

*26-January-2017 : Note : Train from Malaysia does not directly reach Thailand anymore due to Malaysia recent upgrade on their new ETS Train by KTM. I was told by KTM that the Thailand Railway and Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) no longer collaborating in providing train service directly from Malaysia to Thailand. Passenger will no longer able to buy train tickets directly from Malaysia to Thailand. Every passenger will have to end their journey at Padang Besar, Malaysia then walk over to Thailand after clearing Immigration and Customs. When reach Thailand Railway station, then only passenger can buy train tickets for traveling in Thailand.

Day 2 : Khao Yai

Bangkok - PB Valley Khao Yai Winery - The Bloom Khao Yai - Pak Chong Night Bazaar

Posted Date : 26 January 2017 (08.23 am)
Latest Update : 25 August 2017 (08.03 am)