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By : Chha

Recently i was introduced to PG Mall ( an online shopping platform. As a Penangite i am proud to say that this online shopping page is created by Penangite at Penang for everyone, haha ! Their development team and all the people behind PG Mall are located at Penang. Well lets not get in too details on that. Let us look at PG Mall itself.

PG Mall Online Shopping

I am not going to compare PG Mall with other online shopping out there but if you look at PG Mall, in a short period of time since PG Mall was first launch like a year ago, the items that you are able to purchase from PG Mall is already rapidly growing .. !

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Their product range from Health Care, Beauty, Groceries, Gadgets and many many more to come !

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If you are interested to purchase an items from PG Mall, you can just simply click on the item listed and there are a lot of information provided on the items that you would like to purchase so that you can decide which is the best for you. There is also Product Description, Method of Payment, Shipping Fee that you might need to pay, Estimated Arrival Date and many more information to make your purchase easier. Planning your expenses is really important and one more good thing about PG Mall is that there are 5% cash back that you can earn from your spending with PG Mall.

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PG Mall offer a wide range of items that you can purchase just by a click on the web, simple right ? and the items will be deliver right to your door steps .. so why wait ? sign up for a PG Mall account now and start shopping !!

How To Register :
  1. Go to PG Mall
  2. Fill up your Email and Password
  3. Registration Successful.
That's it, simple ? After the registration an email will be sent to your email address. You just need to confirm your account before checkout your items.

Online Shopping Mall

If you look at PG Mall page, there is this Mydin Wholesale Deal going on, which offer a wide range of items to purchase with cheap prices. There are items like Corn Flakes, Dishwash, Diapers, Toothpaste and many more, it is like your one stop shopping center for your household need ! Mydin Sales is from 9 April until 22 April 2018 and with minimum purchase of RM 50.00, you will get Free Shipping to West Malaysia only.

Posted Date : 11 April 2018
Posted Time : 5.30 pm