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Garden Feel Cafe @ Jalan Ong Yi How, Butterworth

By : Chha

Fancy eating breakfast inside a garden ? Well, Garden Feel Cafe give you just that, haha ! It is now becoming a trend that is happening at Butterworth area where people are opening up cafe in garden. People now-a-days are so aware of the importance of keeping the green up and alive, haha !

Yume の Matcha | 夢之抹茶 | @ Jelutong, Penang

By : Chha

If you are a ice cream lover, then you must have heard of Nana Green Tea and the story of how i went crazy over it, haha ! It must be the green tea effect, haha ! Ok, i always gets confuse between Green Tea and Matcha, what is the different between them ? I don't see any different, they are both green and yummy, that is all i know, hahaha ! I was having my lunch at Emperor Mixed Rice when i notice a small stall outside of Emperor Mixed Rice selling, ice cream ?

Yume の Matcha is a small stall located outside Emperor Mixed Rice at Jelutong, Penang. Yume の Matcha sells many different shapes of matcha ice cream, haha, i won't say many types of ice cream because Yume の Matcha ice cream only have one flavor, which is matcha, haha !

But you can choose to have either super heavy matcha taste ice cream or a mild matcha taste ice cream, in the end, it is still matcha, hahaha ! I personally feel, it is tasty though, haha !! and i love it .. (^.^)v

I order the Uji Matcha Parfait which cost RM 11.90 and i just love eating it, haha ! The other ingredient that they put into this cup of Uji Matcha Parfait just match so well with the matcha ice cream, love it !

Since Yume の Matcha is located outside of Emperor Mixed Rice, you are actually allowed to eat you matcha ice cream inside of Emperor Mixed Rice and occupy their seating place but with one condition .. ! You MUST order at least a cup of drinks from Emperor Mixed Rice. Maybe you can have your lunch or dinner at Emperor Mixed Rice then take Yume の Matcha as dessert ? haha ! That sounds like a plan ehh ?? haha !!

Rating :
Food : 9/10
Environment : N/A
Service : 9/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 5/10

Address :
Emperor Mixed Rice
36, Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim,
Jelutong, 11600 George Town,
Pulau Pinang.

Telephone :
011 - 16200909 ( Bernice Voon )

Facebook :

GPS Coordinate :
5.391417, 100.311623

Map :

Posted Date : 23 June 2017
Posted Time : 6.52 pm

Emperor Mixed Rice | 雜飯王 | @ Jelutong, Penang

By : Chha

Eating mix rice is already a culture here for Malaysia but when it is Emperor Mixed Rice, then this is a different case, haha ! Just joking actually .. for me, i feel that it is kinda hard to find a place that sell mix rice with a lot a lot of dishes do choose from. Most of the mix rice stall are just small stall with probably around 10 dish to choose from but Emperor Mixed Rice is an entire shop itself selling mix rice.

Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop @ Penang Road, Penang

By : Chha

May you be or may you not be a tourist here in Penang, Island .. buying these pastry back to eat is definitely worth it. Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop which is located at Penang Road, Penang is selling variety of nice and tasty pastry.

Char Koey Teow @ Jalan Pengkalan, Sungai Petani

By : Chha

I didn't really know that this plate of Char Koey Teow is actually from a famous hawker stall in Sungai Petani, Kedah. I don't know how to stay this but Sungai Petani people call this hawker stall the famous 'Old Aunty Char Koey Teow from Jalan Dewa', haha ! if direct translate will sound like this 'Second Street Old Aunty Char Koey Teow', hahaha ! it all sound so weird .. haha ! Anyway, here is where you can find this Char Koey Teow.

Map :

The hawker stall that is selling the Char Koey Teow is located inside the corner coffee shop as you see from the map above. Even though the name is 'Old Aunty Char Koey Teow' but that original aunty who are selling the Char Koey Teow are not selling anymore, story has it that the job is now taken over by her son. The quality of the Char Koey Teow is still as good as the one fried by his mother many years back. It is tasty and definitely worth the RM 5.50 per plate that i pay, must try ! hehe .. !

Operating Hour :
1.00 pm - 5.00 pm (Or Until Sold Out)

GPS Location :
5.641443, 100.488019

Posted Date : 13 June 2017
Posted Time : 11.15 pm

Wadie Perda | Char Koey Teow @ Bandar Perda, Penang

By : Chha

I am sure many of you tried eating Char Koey Teow before but have you tried Char Koey Teow basah ? haha ! From my understanding, this is not something new but i think not many tried this before, i may be wrong, anyway .. i tried the Char Koey Teow basah at Wadie Perda hawker stall which was located at Bandar Perda. Wadie Perda is only open at night and is located at the road side with some tables and chairs for their customer to try eating the Char Koey Teow basah, haha ! I am not sure if they call it Char Koey Teow basah there or not, but to me, since it is basah and full with kuah, i call it Char Koey Teow basah, hahaha !! I may be using the wrong terms, but anyway, as long as you can understand what i mean, then anything goes, hahahaha !

Environment here is ok, since it is hawker stall by the road side, you can actually see cars drive by while you are eating and get bitten by mosquito once awhile, hahaha !

Char Koey Teow Special RM 6.50

What is order there at Wadie Perda is Char Koey Teow Special which is with egg on top of the Char Koey Teow. A normal small plate of Char Koey Teow cost RM 4.50 while large is RM 5.50. For me, i feel that the Char Koey Teow is a little bit salty but it still taste good. The portion is small for the price they charge. Overall, it is still a decent place to eat Char Koey Teow. Most importantly, this hawker stall is Halal .. !

GPS Location :
5.366469, 100.438131

Map :

Posted Date : 13 June 2017
Posted Time : 10.35 pm

Chao Doi Coffee @ Central Festival, Hatyai

By : Chha

I have always love Chao Doi Coffee but not for their coffee though, haha ! Chao Doi does have great coffee, don't get me wrong, but i personally love their chocolate drinks !

Chao Doi is a stall that sells coffee, bubble tea and chocolate drinks. Chao Doi is available in Thailand. I am not sure about other place in Thailand but you can definitely find Chao Doi in Hatyai.

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017 @ Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

By : Chha

I was on a Marathon Trip down to Kuala Lumpur last week, haha !! It was for the all so famous Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017 which was held at Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur. It was kinda hard for me to find place to stay at first. A lot of decision need to be made. How do i get there ? Where should i stay ? Well, you are lucky that you don't have to go through that as i will give you some tips here on what you should do, haha ! There are a lot of hotels nearby to Dataran Merdeka where you can choose to stay, if you prefer to stay somewhere further is fine too. The place i stay was at The Explorers Guesthouse. There is many ways that you can get to Dataran Merdeka too, with Kuala Lumpur being the capital of Malaysia, transportation is never a problem as long as you have money, haha ! You can get taxi, bus or LRT to places you wish to go. I arrive at Kuala Lumpur one day before the Marathon start. There i get the chance to go to their goodies bag collection area where there are a lot of marathon items on sales.

There are so many people and it is like a shopping frenzy there ! Many of the marathon items are on sales with some discount as much as 70% to 80% but to me, those items are still too expensive T.T !!

While on the run day itself, there are not many cars around Dataran Merdeka area but there is a lot of runners talking on the street to the starting point.

The crowd is really amazing, there are many runners from all over Malaysia here to join this event. It is said the be the most high standard marathon in Malaysia.

Thought it was early in the morning but the environment is already so hyped up with music and runners everywhere. The flag off for Honda Half Marathon was at 5.30 am. Look at the crowd, i am basically standing like 100 meters away from the starting point and it takes me 7 minutes to cross the starting line after gun off. Along the run route, i can see small bands playing by the road side, cheering all the runners, there are also cheer leaders by the side cheering. Water station are available like every 1 to 2 km of the run. My tummy is full just by drinking all the isotonic drinks they provide and end up stop drinking for my last few kilometers run. There is also water spraying station to keep all runners cool during run when the hot morning sun comes up. There is one point where there are dj playing music to light up the running environment half way through the run. I would say, Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon is like a running carnival where everything is well plan for runners to enjoy the run instead of looking at it as a serious competition. So may it be a serious run for you or a fun run, Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon is definitely a nice and fun marathon.

Route Covered

Total Distance Covered

Take note that the route is definitely not easy to undertake. Running in Kuala Lumpur means running in City where there are a lot of highways and bridge. There are a lot of up hill and down hill running, running up bridge, around parks and on highway. The route is tough ! By far the toughest marathon route i've run in. Prepare yourself if you are here to win the competition.

Medals and T-Shirt is nice, i like the design of the finisher medal.

There are not much things to do after the run. There is no food stall or event stall that we can eat and chill after the run. Basically i just went straight back to hotel once i finish the marathon. Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon is nice, i would definitely come back for the run again next year ! See you in Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2018 !!

Posted Date : 6 June 2017
Posted Time : 12.31 pm