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[4D3N] : Day 2 - Angkor Wat @ Siem Reap, Cambodia

By : Chha The Amazing Angkor Wat ! Would you just look at the Sunrise here in front of Angkor Wat ? Well, I was a little disappoint...

Hu Lah-Lah Cafe Nilai

By : Chha
Writing Idea By : Kaey

“ Yummylicious niu lu lamb chop, u can never taste it at elsewhere, hu lah lah .... !!!! “

That’s the description on how the lamb chop taste. If the piglets in piglet land were to rate the taste of the lamb chop, we would give it an 8 over 10 rating. The lamb is soft and it taste good, unlike any other place that we have tried, the sauce which are accompanied with it is tasty too.

Hu Lah-Lah Café at Nilai

Posted Date : 15 June 2010
Posted Time : 9.50 pm

Ice Room Nilai

By : Chha
Writing Idea By : Kaey

Mutated piglet said : green tea ice yummy, thumbs up .... !!!!

That’s the 1st sentence I heard before writing this blog, so readers can be sure that the green tea ice as illustrated in picture is really nice .... !!!! Haha .... tasted by one of the owner of the blog and certified .... gooooood !!!! With 2 thumbs up .... !!!!

Below are some pictures taken in Ice Room at Nilai

This is the "Green Tea Ice" that was talk about

Posted Date : 15 June 2010
Posted Time : 6.31 pm

JoJo Kitchen Kuchai Lama

By : Chha

Sometimes it is understandable how some pictures of food can water reader’s mouth. Good photography skills and nice food decoration. We in piglet land had been trying really hard to do the same, thought it may not reach the same standard yet but we are trying really hard, so here is some pictures for the same purpose.

JoJo Kitchen in Kuchai Lama

This little kitchen or should I say shop, haha ! Look ordinary but it’s kinda well known for its ‘Pan Mee’. All the little piglet from Piglet Land won’t miss out the chance to go have a try and we come up with these pictures to tempt readers ... Haha !

Posted Date : 7 June 2010
Posted Time : 12.20 pm

Sepang Gold Coast

By : Chha

Ever since the day I step foot in Kuala Lumpur, I was so keen of to look for a beach near by, of course there is no beach around Kuala Lumpur so this makes me travel all the way down to Sepang, found a beach alright, here is some pictures of Sepang Gold Coast Beach.

So how you readers feel about the beach ? the view is breath taking ? well it took my breath away ... haha !

Posted Date : 3 June 2010
Posted Time : 10.24 am