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[4D3N] : Day 2 - Angkor Wat @ Siem Reap, Cambodia

By : Chha The Amazing Angkor Wat ! Would you just look at the Sunrise here in front of Angkor Wat ? Well, I was a little disappoint...

Arnold Cycling Cafe @ Icon City, Bukit Mertajam

By : Chha

When we first saw Arnold Cycling Cafe we thought it is just another new small cafe in town but were dead wrong ! We were surprise to know that Arnold Cycling Cafe have few different outlet around Malaysia. There is one in Sungai Petani and one in Kota Bharu, hmm, interesting.

We were expecting to see a lot of bicycle or cyclist in this Arnold Cycling Cafe due to the name itself but no, we were wrong again, double wrong ! sigh, haha !

Khoo Kongsi @ Cannon Square, Penang

By : Chha

Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi or famously known as just Khoo Kongsi is one of the famous chinese clan house in Penang Island. Being listed as one of Penang Heritage site, the Khoo Kongsi has make it into our list of must visit place in Penang.

The history of the Khoo Kongsi clan goes way back to the 17th century were they are among the wealthy Straits Chinese traders in Malacca and early Penang. The forefathers of the Khoo family built this clan house for members of the Khoo family in 1851. It was burnt down in 1894 due to being struck by lightning. It was rebuild again in 1902 and the current existing Khoo Kongsi building was completed in 1906. It was last restored in year 2001.

Nana’s Green Tea @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

By : Chha

'Ooh, na-na, look what you just started, Ooh, na-na, i'm about to spend all this cash, Ooh, na-na !!' haha, the song by Trey Songz is the first thing that come to our mind when we first see Nana's Green Tea. Nana's Green Tea first started off in Japan as a Japanese version of Starbucks in Jiyugaoka. Nana's Green Tea later then expanded its business to China, Hong Kong, Singapore and now landed in Kuala Lumpur. Nana's Green Tea name says it all, they are serving a lot of drinks and dessert made by using Japanese Green Tea.

Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory @ Balik Pulau, Penang

By : Chha

When we first heard about Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory, we thought we are going to visit a factory with big machine, lots of people operating in a production line or a factory with mass production of nutmeg. No, we were wrong. We don't know why Ghee Hup Nutmeg farm is call a factory, we don't see any building that looks like a factory or machines for mass production, maybe there is but we didn't see it.

Anyway, Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory is a place where the owner grow nutmeg plants to be made into various of nutmeg products ranging from ointment to drinks. Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory is not a big place, there are some nutmeg trees, a nutmeg shop, few chairs and tables.

Putu Mayam @ Wai Sek Kai, Chai Leng Park

By : Chha

Putu Mayam can be found in many place here in Malaysia. It is consider as a famous food for Malaysian. For those of you who do not know what Putu Mayam is, it is a type of food originated from southern India which is made of rice flour mix with water or coconut milk. It looks like small-short size rice noodles. It is then steamed with the addition of juice from the aromatic pandan leaf to add flavor to it. Putu Mayam are usually served with grated coconut or gula melaka (brown sugar).

Transformers Street Art 2015 @ Esplanade, Penang

By : Chha

We are not sure if any one of you remember that the Autobots invaded the Penang Island once in year 2014 ? It was in Gurney Paragon Mall at that time, we remember because we were there ! As when we thought the Autobots are gone for good, they are now back in Malaysia rolling out in Penang Island, this time in Esplanade for two solid months from 19 July 2015 until 17 September 2015. Don't worry, Penang is safe from Decepticons !

70's Ice Ball @ Georgetown, Penang

By : Chha

It has been long since our last visit to Armenian Street, Georgetown. Last weekend we decided to go back there just to look at the wall painting again and we were surprise to see how much the small Armenian Street has changed, from a small street of few cafes and a wall painting of two sibling cycling to now a busy and famous but still a small Armenian Street, haha !

As we were walking along the street, we come across a shop which used to be closed on our last visit here but is now full with people lining up. Being busybody, we walk near to see what is the lining up for and were excited to see a stall selling the ice ball from our childhood years. We always thought that this ice ball were extinct, hahaha ! to see it still selling at Armenian Street gets us all hyped up and excited to buy one !

This ice ball thing does brings back memories of time where we used to run around our neighborhood without shoes and getting our shirt dirty with topping from the ice ball, haha ! We wish we could do that at Armenian Street on that day but if we do, then people might start dialing 999, crazy people on the loose, haha !

Nami Island @ South Korea

By : Chha

Nami Island (남이섬, Namiseom) is not something new for people who know South Korea, it was made famous by the South Korean television series Winter Sonata.

Since the Nami Island is so famous we actually make it a point where we must visit Nami Island during our trip to South Korea. Nami Island is larger than what we expected. It takes us the entire morning just to walk around Nami Island, stop for food and to take a lot of photos.

Photo Source :

We personally feel that there is nothing special about Nami Island, it is only famous for its filming spot of the television series Winter Sonata.

The scenery there is nice and the flowers there is beautiful making it suitable for couples going for a date and having a slow walk round the island but if you are looking for adventure or some extreme activities, you can't find it in Nami Island, haha !

The Cruises Steak House @ Aeon Mall, Bukit Mertajam

By : Chha

The Cruises Steak House never fail to make us wanting to come back for more of their food even thought this is just our second time visit but to different outlets of The Cruises Steak House. The first visit was to the one at Bishop Street and now the second one was at Aeon Bukit Mertajam. We know that there is another outlet at Ideal, The One, Jalan Mahsuri and was told that The Cruises Steak House management will be opening another new outlet in Alor Setar, well, good job !

Environment in The Cruises Steak House is nice, unlike the one in Bishop Street, this outlet does not have live singing performance but they do play some nice soothing music.

CW River Bay Cafe @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

By : Chha

CW River Bay Cafe come in just at the right time when Sungai Petani town is in need of some fresh new cafe for its people to eat, hang out and relax. Located away from the hectic town of Sungai Petani, along Jalan Mawar, Taman Pekan Baru, CW River Bay Cafe is some how famous among the people of this town. Hopefully CW River Bay Cafe will be able to divert some of the people's focus on the already packed Lagenda Height area away to a new location of which we feel is also a nice place to hang out once all the shops here are open as there are few more newly open cafe in this area.

CW River Bay Cafe is not a big place to begin with but it is good enough for a comfortable meal with family or friends. The interior design in simple and the environment is good.

CW River Bay Cafe is serving a wide range of food, there are Western Food with choice of Salmon, Lamb or Beef. There are also Appetizers, Soup, Salad, Burgers, Sandwiches, Sushi, Fresh Juice and Coffee to choose from.

Caramel Macchiato RM6.90 (Hot), RM7.90 (Cold)

The coffee tasted not bad but we feel it is a little bit bitter maybe because the mixture of the milk, caramel and coffee is not in the best ratio ? Maybe, we are not sure .. but it does taste a bit bitter from the taste of the coffee.

Apple Juice RM6.90 (Normal), RM8.90 (Jumbo)

The apple juice is good, you can choose to either order the normal size cup apple juice or the jumbo size juice.

Mushroom Soup RM5.90

This bowl of mushroom soup is salty but we love the bread, the bread is tasty ..

Chicken Katsu Don RM10.90

The Chicken Katsu Don is tasty, the soup that comes with it is just a normal miso soup.

River Bay Chicken Chop RM13.90

River Bay Chicken Chop is just ok, not really very good but the layer of flour used is thick ..

CW River Bay Cafe service is good, they will attend to your request or needs promptly, but their food serving is really slow. The waiter did inform us about the waiting time, that they might take long time to serve their food, but since we are ok with the wait, so we waited. It takes them around one hour to serve all our food. Well we feel that it is good they let us know so that at least we don't have to sit there stupidly waiting for our food. It is always good to let customer know if they are going to be slow in their food serving.

Piglets Rating :
Food : 5/10
Environment : 6/10
Service : 6/10
Hygiene : 7/10
Price : 6/10

Address :
140,Jalan Mawar 2,
Taman Pekan Baru,
Sungai Petani.

Operating Hour :
Mon - Sun
7am – 11.30pm (Base On Their Facebook Info)

Phone :

Facebook Page :

Posted Date : 13 July 2015
Posted Time : 06.35 pm

Laksa Balik Pulau @ Balik Pulau Food Court, Penang

By : Chha

Penang is always famous for its Laksa but if you ask people where is the best place to look for laksa in Penang, they will say Balik Pulau. We would like to introduce you a place in Balik Pulau which we thing that the laksa they are serving is good.

Laksa Balik Pulau is just a small lot of shop in the Balik Pulau food court ( Kompleks Gerai Makan ). You will see the food court on your right the moment you reach Balik Pulau after a long drive up the mountain from either Relau or Paya Terubong area. The exact location should be at Jalan Tun Sardon, 11020 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang.

This food court have few different types of food to eat but since we are only going for laksa so we only focus on the Laksa Balik Pulau shop lot.

Laksa Balik Pulau's Laksa is tasty, it is not too spicy and the taste of the laksa is just right for us. The portion is not very big, only by eating one bowl is not enough for us. The price is RM4.00 per bowl of which we think is still reasonable.

GPS Coordinate :
5.351417, 100.241558

Posted Date : 10 July 2015
Posted Time : 02.18 pm

Restoran Mohamed Long @ Bertam, Penang

Good news to all our readers out there who is searching for HALAL chinese food, we found one for you ! haha .. Ever wonder how the chinese shark fin taste like ? or maybe how the famous chinese dim sum looks like ? Well, Restoran Mohamed Long at Bertam Perdana is serving various chinese muslim food.

Everything here is done in chinese style. The seating of 10 per table, the red cloth on the table, the dining utensil and even the food is exactly like what is found in a chinese restaurant, the only different is, the food here is HALAL.

 Restoran Mohamed Long is a two story building restaurant with more seating on the second floor.

The environment here in Restoran Mohamed Long is normal without any fancy decoration but it is comfortable to dine in.

They even have surau for our muslim friends to do their prayers but the surau is kinda small. We did not enter to see the surau but was told that only one to two people can enter at once. It is actually good to have a surau here in Restoran Mohamed Long so that their customer don't have to travel out from there to look for surau. It is convenient.

Date Palm

Ayam Lemon (Lemon Chicken) RM13.00

The Ayam Lemon tasted ok but just that we feel the lemon taste it a little bit sour.

Shark Fin Soup RM25.00

Now here come the all famous shark fin soup. The shark fin soup is serve in a big bowl which can be share by 4 peoples. For those who never try a chinese muslim shark fin soup before Restoran Mohamed Long is an option to try one.

Ayam Thai (Thai Chicken) RM13.00

The Ayam Thai dish is not very spicy and the taste of the thai sauce put on the chicken taste good. Do watch out for the small green chili, a bite on that will keep you mouth burning for hours, hahaha !


Ok, here come the tricky part. To differentiate between Nasi 'Koh Boh' Ayam RM6.00 and Nasi 'Kam Heong' Ayam RM6.00, haha, because they both looks the same !! For the taste, they both taste equally tasty, so it doesn't matter which one you eat, it is a-ok ! hehe .. !

Sotong Butter RM21.00

This thing here is huge ! you can actually become full by only eating this, haha ! It is cuttlefish cooked with butter and the yellow thing on top of it taste like egg yolk. The Sotong Butter taste good but the only down-fall about this is the flour is too much making the cuttlefish looks small in it, haha.

Claypot Yee Mee RM5.50

When we look at the Claypot Yee Mee, it does not make up feel anything special about it. We thought, nah .. it is just yee mee, some vegetables, meat and prawn but it is a totally different story when we put it in our mouth, haha ! the Claypot Yee Mee is tasty. The yee mee they use is different from what we can find in chinese restaurant out there and the size of that claypot is a deception as well, it look small but the yee mee inside it seems un-finish-able , haha ! Eat till our tummy going to explode. The one thing bad about this Claypot Yee Mee is, salty. Cut down some salt, then it is perfect !

RML Special Dim Sum (5pcs : RM3.00 / 10pcs : RM5.00)

The green thing and that yellow thing is what they call Dim Sum, one of those famous chinese cuisine serve with hot chinese tea, yummy ! The Dim Sum comes in two flavor, the one we ate are made of prawn and the other one taste like fish. They both taste good.

Carrot Milk RM3.50

Cincau RM2.00

Watermelon RM3.50

Orange RM3.50

The drinks here is a bit mild, we mean the taste of the fruits use in it does not give a strong taste probably the water ratio is more in the drinks. Overall, it is still good. Still can accept the drinks.

Now the most important question, how to get there ? haha ! it is easy, you won't even get lost. If you are going over using the high way driving from south to north, then exit Bertam / Kepala Batas PLUS tol. After the tol turn left at the first traffic light then drive straight until the second traffic light then turn right. There you will see a bank and the Secret Recipe Restaurant on you left. Make a U-Turn on you left on the first junction. After you make the U-Turn, the Secret Recipe Restaurant is now on your right, keep drive straight and make a slight turn right following the road. While driving you will see the main road on your left and McDonalds on your right. Turn right in front of Fareeda Shop and you will see Restoran Mohamed Long on your left. The Restoran Mohamed Long is in the same row of shops as Fareeda Shop.

Piglets Rating :
Food : 7/10
Environment : 6/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 7/10
Price : 6/10

Address :
No 7 Jalan Dagangan 9,
Pusat Bandar Bertam Perdana
Kepala Batas, Penang

GPS Coordinate :
5.517325, 100.450641

Operating Hour :
Saturday - Thursday : 11.30am - 11.00pm
Rest Hour : 3.00pm - 5.00pm
Close : Friday

Phone :

Posted Date : 06 July 2015
Posted Time : 09.00 pm